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I'm thinking of buying a new computer!

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Cyb3rTech    0
Hey guys and gals, i'm a new to here on this forum :) 

Well I getting ready to buying a new PC soon in next month or so! i have 800-950$$....

So I?m a PC gamer, windows speed up start up, tips & tweaks, tech news, always download movies & tv show, etc! because I?m interested in it! so I?m thinking about it I have to build my own Computer.

I?m gonna buy these:---

Motherboard: (Any suggest? I think Asus is the best?? i have no idea :( ....)
CPU: Intel core i5k 2600
RAM: Kingston 2x8GB 
Video Card: AMD Radeon HD 7970 (i think its pricey! :( please any good cheap?)
SDD: 256GB ( WIll buy it soon after these!)
DVD Drive: LG DVD-RAM ( i burn girls ASS) 
Power Supply: (i don't know but you tell me what's good) 
Computer Case: ( i chose it what i love) 

LED Monitor: I choose Samsung, 24 inch and so tell me whats the best? which model? 

I think that's it? please any more suggest me this, and i appreciate it if you replied me & you helped me :-)


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+Tyranade    101

Sandybridge is kinda old now considering we are on Haswell and 1150 socket.


Why not go for an Asus Z87 board but tbh it doesnt matter now Asus, Gigabyte and MSI all their boards are so well built just go with whatever you want. But I would still go Haswell as it is a newer Architecture, it will be supported longer, more native SATA 6GB/S ports and even cheap boards can get a decent overclock on Haswell and if your only going 1 GPU you can buy a cheaper mobo and spend the money on other things for your rig.


For example look at getting an i5 4670k and an Asus Z87-Plus or Pro.


For graphics I'd go with a GTX 760 or 7950, PSU anything made by Corsair or Seasonic.


And get an aftermarket CPU cooler aswell, Noctua do some good ones, so do Corsair.

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codeful    1

I agree with post above.

You definitely should buy a board which will support one of the latest socket.

One of my friends built a computer and even if he did everything right, computer started and shut down in 10 seconds.

The problem was the included fan for i7 processor. He replaced fan and all went good. There are many discussions on internet about how bad is Intel included fans.

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