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Grand Theft Auto V PS3-image leaked

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iDav^_^LaFF    4


In the European PlayStation Store, for no apparent reason, is now available to download GTA V.


On the Internet there are at least 3 screenshots and one video to prove all this commotion.


As you can see from the images, GTA V weighs 18 GB, namely 17.2 GB (you may have to continue downloading several files September 17)


3 hours ago, one of the most respected hackers PS3 (BahumatLord) stated that GTA V has downloaded all the files to run, and he is confident that GTA V will be launched prior to its release. To this it may need a few hours to a few days...

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InsaneNutter    980

The guy is not a respected hacker, he just download the pkg which is on (insert fav ps3 piracy site name here) and said he would make it work, regardless of the missing files. After realising he couldn't he made up some story about the police had been round to see him, and if he did anything else with GTA 5 he would be arrested.

^^ That's what i have learned from my 5 mins on Google anyway, standard internet drama and lies really.

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