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Help me find a suitcase

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capr    36

Ok so I just realized how expensive a niceish carryon suitcase is...


So I am trying to buy one that I would really like. 



I HAVE to have the 4 wheel kind that stand up on their own. they are so convenient, you can't imagine how barbaric tilting your luggage is until you start flying with one of these. (being funny dont' yell at me) but seriously it's a requirement. 


The second requirement is what makes this difficult. I would like it to have backpack straps! There are times when I would really relaly like to not roll my luggage around and it would be awesome if I could pit up on my shoulders.... I know, first world problems :D


anyone ever see something that satisfies both requirements? 


please note! there are plenty of backpacks with wheels. I need a bigger carryone suitcase type bag so these wont' work. 

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Kami-    178

Can't you just MacGyver some straps onto any of those existing ones?  I don't think I've ever seen one with backpack style straps.

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