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Samsung Galaxy Note III camera rumored to pack 4K video capture

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Samsung Galaxy Note III camera rumored to pack 4K video capture, high-quality audio playback




What are you going to add to a smartphone series that's already gone big-screen, already has a stylus and already offers up a decent battery life? According to the Korea Economic Daily, Samsung believes adding a heavy-duty camera upgrade to 4K should do the trick. The news site's source (identified as an "industry official" rather than a Samsung employee), says the Galaxy Note III, which is likely to make its debut at IFA 2013, will be able to record video in Ultra High Definition. It's a significant pixel boost from the 1080p video capture available to last year's Galaxy Note II.
The company is likely hoping that offering up an opportunity to record in 4K will mean those smartphone owners are then more likely to upgrade their TV sets (to a Ultra HD Samsung model, naturally) to make the most of their crisp video content. Alongside a new camera, the same source reckons that audio quality will be bumped up to 24-bit, like LG's G2 and a step above the 16-bit audio tech in Samsung's existing Galaxy phones. No word on the previous notion of three differently-sized models and as the source material has gone through the Google Translate grinder, things aren't as clear as we'd have hoped. However, the Korea Economic Daily has past form when it comes to Samsung news. Next week, we're sure to hear all the finer details and we're taking bets on which company will be the first to claim "world's first".




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One of the few negatives I've got to say about the Note II is the camera. I'm not pleased with it at all. It's nice to see that this has been addressed in the Note III.

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