Component LEDs and heatsinks

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Hey guys, has anyone here worked with high powered component leds? I am working on building an LED table lamp and to do this I am dissecting some 4" recessed can lights from Home depot. Its easier than going through Mouser and buying the same LED boards. I have 2 right now from Commercial Electric. One has a CreeXL board with a high powered 12.5 watt led and the other looks like just a branded General Electric 12 watt one. The Cree based one doesn't have a heatsink and the driver is build in on the board. While the branded General Electric one has a heatsink and a driver mounted to the outside of it. 

Could anyone help me get an idea on the differences between these two? I like the Cree one, but just want to be sure I'll be ok with out the heatsink.



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