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Bryan R.

So here's to my first milestone, 420 likes! Yes, it's pretty lame to be that "420 guy" but it's the only milestone I'll get for a while. Who needs friends anyway  :cry: 


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Palm Beach Florida ?  You should have tons of rich friends. ;)

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No friends and only 420 likes. That's sad. :P

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      PayPal just announced it has over quarter of a billion users
      by Paul Hill

      Image via PayPal PayPal has just announced that it now has more than 250 million customers using its payment services. It has taken the firm just over 18 months to get to that goal since it announced that it had passed 200 million users in February last year. The company said that the growth in users meant that around three million people were joining the service every month.

      The milestone was announced by Dan Schulman, President and CEO of PayPal, in a statement to PayPal employees all around the world, he said:

      Given its current trajectory of bringing in three million new customers every month, PayPal would reach 500 million customers in under seven years, although, as more people come online around the world there’s a good chance that the three million figure will rise, reducing the time it takes to reach the next milestone.

      The news comes just over a week since the firm announced that it would be revamping its mobile app. The new redesign returns the app to PayPal’s blue and white colour scheme, removing the bit of teal that’s present in the old design. It also makes it easier to send and receive money from your contacts.

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      Discord hits 87 million registered users, outlines changes coming in 2018
      by Florin Bodnarescu

      Gaming-focused VoIP client Discord was launched in March of 2015, and as of May, 2017, it reached the 45 million registered users milestone. However, the speed of adoption hasn't slowed down, with the company announcing that the user base has nearly doubled in the seven months since, settling in at 87 million.

      via Discord In light of such a large pool of users - which Discord expects to grow to 90 million by the end of the year - a few of the upcoming features have also been mentioned.

      Back at the beginning of October, video chat and screen sharing came to the client, with the former supporting up to 10 people simultaneously. Screen sharing will be getting some improvements next year, which will enable you to share audio along with video. Speaking of audio, there will also be improvements to the quality and stability of voice calls and the in-game overlay. Discord is also making some improvements to its system, to ensure that uptime is kept consistent and avoid problems like the major outage from mid-November.

      A feature called Priority Speaker - present on Mumble and TeamSpeak - is also being worked on, with no clear date of launch as of yet. For those not familiar, Priority Speaker allows for the voices of other users to be lowered in volume whenever the person prioritized is speaking. This is a useful feature for multiplayer situations in which a team leader needs to give out instructions. These instructions would otherwise be difficult to hear, especially if the dedicated channel or the voice call has a lot of users.

      Another recently added feature that will get expanded support is Rich Presence. If devs choose to integrate their game into this Discord capability, it will allow friends to see which game you're playing and for how long, what score you have or what boss you're fighting, all by clicking on your profile. Additionally, you also get controls to join a friend's multiplayer party or spectate their gameplay session.

      You can grab Discord at this link. It works on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android or in a browser.

      Don't forget to follow us @NeowinGaming on Twitter to keep up to date with our gaming coverage!

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      Let's Encrypt issues 100 million certificates giving us a more secure web
      by Paul Hill

      Let’s Encrypt has reached a new milestone; it has issued more than 100 million certificates. According to Let’s Encrypt, this illustrates a strong demand for the services, their ability to scale and the power of automated certificate management. Let’s Encrypt hopes to make the entire web switch to HTTPS meaning that everyone’s browsing will be safer from malicious entities eavesdropping on traffic.

      The progress that Let’s Encrypt is making is pretty phenomenal as it demonstrates:

      Let’s Encrypt went stable last April and reached the goal of issuing 10 million certificates in September. For all the good it’s doing, the project has had a bit of negative press too. In January 2016, Trend Micro stated that Let’s Encrypt was being abused by criminals. to this claim, Let’s Encrypt said that certificate authorities aren’t the ones responsible for policing bad actors; that should be left up to the Google Safe Browsing API and site owners.

      Source: Let’s Encrypt | Image via Techfruit

    • By Timi Cantisano
      Spotify has amassed 140 million active users
      by Timi Cantisano

      Spotify has announced that its streaming service currently has 140 million active users. The announcement comes one week after Apple announced that it had reached 27 million paid subscribers.

      While it's tough to say how many of 140 million subscribers are paid, the last time the firm announced numbers for that statistic was back in March when it was sitting at over 50 million that paid for the service. Since that time there has most likely been some growth, but it's probably safe to say that we are sitting in the ballpark of around 90 million people who are using the service for free.

      Although its customer-facing business is media streaming, there are plenty of other ways the firm is looking to generate revenue. While one uses the app, it is constantly gathering data about your streaming habits.

      Spotify stated:

      Unlike many other young brands that have branched out to the stock market, Spotify has yet to do so, but is expected to, sometime in 2017.

      Source: Spotify via The Verge

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