No Wii U Price Cut for Australia


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This week Nintendo of America announced that it plans on knocking $50 off the retail price of its Wii U console in September and that it would launch a special Wind Waker HD Limited Edition Wii U Bundle that includes the game, the Wii U console, a specially branded Zelda gamepad, and a digital copy of the Hyrule Historia book.

While America is getting all of this, apparently Australia is getting a big fat goose egg.

According to Kotaku Australia and Vooks, Nintendo of Australia has confirmed that the special Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle will not be coming to Australia, nor will get the Wii U $50 price cut in the region.

While Nintendo of Australia is not ruling out a price cut at some point, both sites say that it likely won't happen before the upcoming holiday season...

Source: Kotaku Australia and Vooks by way of Andrew Eisen

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