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Sony forms Third Party team, announces exclusive content from 21 companies

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+Audioboxer    2,874

SCEA?s Gio Corsi has announced the formation of a new group within the company called Third Party Production which works with publishing partners to bring third-party IPs to PlayStation platforms. This news coincides with the announcement of exclusive content from 21 publishers coming to PlayStation 4.





The Third Party Production sector will handle new IP?s, ports, and localized products in addition to content from partners which are currently in production. The group will help these companies strengthen the development process, ensuring quality and consistency on all Third Party projects.


The recently announced Vita version of Borderlands 2 is part of the program, and as mentioned above, there are 21 companies creating exclusive content for PS4, according to an announcement from SCEA?s group manager of retail training and advocacy, Sean Coleman.


Speaking during a presentation at the GameStop Expo in Las Vegas, Coleman said Sony has ?forged great third-party partnerships with some of the biggest developers to bring exclusive game content,? to the PlayStation brand.


Coleman said that when comparing PS4 visuals? side by side with any other gaming console, PlayStation 4 will look better every time.?


He also reiterated that the $60 camera ? sold separately ? will support voice commands, facial recognition, and body movement tracking.


This list, posted below courtesy of Gematsu, contains publishers such as Activision Blizzard, Atlus, Level-5 and Rockstar Games.


Activision Blizzard ? Diablo 3 content


Bethesda Games ? The Elder Scrolls Online exclusive PlayStation 4 beta

Bluepoint Games ? ?Bringing a Sony classic to current game systems?

Bungie ? Destiny content

Capcom ? Deep Down

Disney Interactive


Insomniac Games



Nordic Games

Rockstar Games

Sanzaru Games


Square Enix

Sumo Digital


Ubisoft ? Assassin?s Creed IV: Black Flag content, Watch Dogs content

Warner Bros. ? Batman: Arkham Origins content

Zindagi Games


A video of the stage presentation was posted by NeoGAF, but it is inaccessible at press time.







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trooper11    1,096

Well Sony is determined to do whatever it takes to make up for the poor development environment they pushed out when the PS3 was released, so this is more evidence of that.


Setting up a division to hand hold developers is just another way to ensure that developers feel more willing to work on the console. Hey, less work for them right?  That's always a plus from the developers point of view.  It's nice to see that both console makers are now developer friendly, at least from all we have heard.  One less thing to worry about when buying a system and something no longer argued over.


As far as the exclusive content part of the announcement, I know there will be a few people upset to see Sony so eager to embrace the idea of exclusive content for multiplatform titles.  MS use to get a lot of flack for that, but the reality is that Sony knows its much easier to pay for exclusive content deals then to try and get an entire game exclusive, especially on a new console with a low install base.  MS learned this years ago, so its clear both companies will continue this 'cold war' of securing exclusive content for multiplatform games.


It is surprising to see just how much Sony has decided to invest in exclusive content, I mean just look at that list of developers. This next gen could be about the exclusive content deals that Sony and MS are able to secure.



I plan to own both, so it doesn't bother me personally, but I can see why single console owners would get pretty darn upset by the practice. 

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soniqstylz    1,048

Rockstar Games


Agent or GTFO

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firey    3,632

Can't wait till Amazon ships it... November can't come soon enough.

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trooper11    1,096

I wonder whatever happened to Agent. 


I wouldn't be shocked to see it return as a multiplatform game, just as FF Versus  (oops, I mean FF15) faded away and then returned as one.


But that doesn't mean there wont be exclusive content.

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