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Microsoft's ID@Xbox program for Xbox One to support all payment options

by John Callaham


In August, Microsoft announced its plans to offer independent game developers a way to release their titles on the upcoming Xbox One console, called ID@Xbox. This weekend, Microsoft confirmed that the program will allow indie developers to set up any kind of pricing for their game.

In a chat with Joystiq, Microsoft's portfolio director for digital games Chris Charla confirmed that ID@Xbox games will  be able to support "every business model that any other game on Xbox One has". That means an indie game released on the console can be priced as a one time download, or it can be released as a free-to-play game that supports additional micro-transactions of content and features.

Microsoft has already said that games released via ID@Xbox will also be able to include features that Xbox One games from larger publishers will have, including support for the Kinect sensor, Gamerscores, Achievements, SmartGlass apps and more.

The ID@Xbox program is currently taking applications from established indie developers to join Microsoft's new indie games initiative, although the ultimate plan is to allow anyone with a retail Xbox One console to turn it into a hardware SDK for game development and publishing. Microsoft has not yet announced when that will happen.

Source: Joystiq | Image via Microsoft

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Just keeps getting better (y)

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