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Kantar World Panel's latest numbers shows rapid growth for Windows Phone sales in various markets, but slight dips in China and only modest growth in the US.


Windows Phone is still making steady progress in Europe, according to latest data published by Kantar World Panel. The platform has leaped to grab 8.2 percent of sales across Europe in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.


Unfortunately, the same can't be said for progress in the US, but there's still progress and Microsoft is growing its share of the market in terms of device sales.


Kantar World Panel - July 2013 Windows Phone Share by country


Germany: 8.8% (+2.6% YoY)

GB:  9.2% (+5% YoY)

France:  11% (+7.4% YoY)

Italy:  7.8% (-0.5% YoY)

Spain:  1.8% (+0.1% YoY)

USA: 3.5% (+0.5% YoY)

China: 2.4% (-2.2% YoY)

Australia: 7.4% (+2.4% YoY)

Mexico: 12.5% (+10.5% YoY)


More at source.


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