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Microsoft displays Xbox One controllers with custom artwork at PAX Prime

by John Callaham

Microsoft has been taking pre-orders for its Xbox One controller for some time but at the moment the only version you can purchase has the deep black color that matches the Xbox One game console itself. However, Microsoft decided to showcase some Xbox One controllers that have decidedly different looks.

In a post on the company's official Xbox Twitter page, Microsoft showed eight controllers, each with custom artwork created by some contemporary artists. They were on display this weekend as part of the company's PAX Prime exhibit plans.

We asked 8 artists to take a paintbrush to our new #XboxOne controller. Here's what they came up with. #XboxPax pic.twitter.com/kldPZzQomx

— Xbox (@Xbox) August 31, 2013

While the Twitter post doesn't go into detail on the artists behind these creations, Xbox360Achievements has a video that offers up some credits behind the artwork, including Upenda Taylor's "Fantasy and Reality", Lord Blakely's "Battle Snakes" and Justin Hillgrove's "Primordial Controller".

It's not clear if Microsoft commissioned this custom Xbox One controllers just to show inside glass containers or if they plan to actually sell or give them away at some point. We have emailed the company for more information and will post up word when and if we learn more.

Source: Xbox on Twitter

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For a system that is to be considered media centric, I just want to have two accessories confirmed.  I want the chat pad for text input and the Media Remote for quickly dealing with channels. Yet we have no word about either of these products... Sigh....

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