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Microsoft releases new Project Spark gameplay video showing new features

by John Callaham

Project Spark, the upcoming easy-to-use game creation tool from Microsoft and its Team Dakota studio, is supposed to release a beta of the program for Windows 8 in October. Ahead of that date, Microsoft keeps releasing new videos of the software that show off some never before seen features.

The latest such clip,

, shows how users will be able to build a world inside Project Spark and then create tunnels that go inside areas such as mountains or cliffs. The tools can also make the environment look more rough around the edges just by clicking on one tool and then moving the brush around the setting.

The video shows how two different types of environments, such as an ice and forest setting, can be made to co-exist with each other while creating the game world. Then the clip showed some more of Project Spark's character creation tools, which will allow for tons of customizations.

If you have been wondering how big the game worlds can be, the new Project Spark video has the answer to that question as well. It shows a character running outside the normal game world but, at the same time, the world itself expands to match the movement of the character. Each world can be up to 25 km in size. The video also shows how different game worlds can be linked together via a teleport system. It will even work with Project Spark worlds created by others.

Finally, the video quickly showed how Project Spark can use the Kinect feature to motion capture human movement that can then be translated into the tool's characters. Microsoft will launch the beta for the Xbox One version of Project Spark in January.


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It should be great to see what people come up with using this to make games.  I think, though I'm not sure 100% and I haven't looked this up yet but since it's going to be on XB1 and PC I believe you're able to create things on either and have them run on the other.   So you could be on the PC making a game and have it then play on the XB1 etc.  

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and MS dont innovate and dont come up with anything good right!! this looks amazing and so fun


Waiting for sony to release project Ignite!!!

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