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White screen on iPod Nano?

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Technique    20

My sister has an iPod Nano 4th gen & her screen recently started getting horizontal lines beginning at the top. The screen has now turned pasty white.


Yes it's 'old' in terms of how fast technology moves, but let's face it ... it cost about ?120 & it's only 4 years old ... it should last longer than this. My own iPod Nano 4th gen (yup, 4th gen - if it aint broke, don't fix it!) was bought Sept 2008 & it's still working perfectly fine (having said that it'll probably break next time i use it, but it's fine now).


Cause & solution?

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n_K    1,591

Horizontal lines on an LCD with a zebra connector is a sign of either:

1) Death of the segments

2) Death of the LCD controller (on the LCD itself)

3) Problem with the zebra connector


As the ipod nano LCD won't be using zebra connectors, it's probably down to:

1) Connector inside coming loose

2) Death of screen

3) Death of LCD controller (on the LCD itself)

4) Problems with the PCB or a chip on the PCB

5) Heat/moisture damage


You might be able to remedy it by opening it and checking the LCD panel connector is in.

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