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Who is insisting that? Certainly not me.


I think most people would love to have hard evidences for alien visitation, it would be a pretty exciting discovery...


Thus far I have found "evidence" is, unfortunately,... not concrete.

I'm not sure how Hum thinks that because we don't believe aliens are harvesting human organs to power their spaceships or mutilating cattle for entertainment, that somehow that means that aliens don't exist.


I have faith that they do exist.  As soon as something considered solid proof comes up, I will believe that we are in contact with them.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi

Be it real, or all just a big hoax, I still think it's interesting. I figure it's better to keep an open mind than to bicker back and forth. That's just my two cents.

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What I never understood was that why all these so called sightings happen in the US only? Do Aliens believe that Americans have more superior DNA than the rest of the world's population so they make better test subjects? :laugh:

And why is your government hiding the existence of these little green men? If these Aliens pose a threat to our existence, don't you think other governments would want to know about it and prepare accordingly? Or is it some global conspiracy among nations to keep us in the dark? This has apparently been happening for quite some time. In this day and age where nothing stays hidden for long, you'd think that by now some valid proof would have come forward. Books would have been published by a retired employee of these secret facilities or some Snowden like character would have leaked something on Wikileaks.

Aliens, UFOs are just designed by Hollywod to cash in on the gullibility on American people. Isn't it true that people came out on the roads when War of the Worlds was first aired in America?  :rofl:

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^ Not miscarriage -- there is no body leftover.  The fetus is simply gone.


I called that stealing. Maybe we should call the interstellar police?

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^ Not miscarriage -- there is no body leftover.  The fetus is simply gone.


Do your research.


Quite a large number of miscarriages happen whilst the woman's on the toilet. The fetus goes down with everything else, so of course there's no body (not that there was much of a body anyway as these usually happen in the first couple of months).

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