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NovaTech to shut its UK Store Retail Operations

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Nova Tech    0

Hi all


I just wanted to make people aware that NovaTech (UK Hardware and components retailer) this week started redundancy consultation with its staff across its 3 UK retail stores.
Whilst the company claims its going against the economic trend and maintain the business is performing as expected, it has decided to close down its UK retail operations to focus on Business to Business corporate sales.

Whilst the vote to approve the Retail store closures goes to a board vote next week, a lot of staff are fearing the worse as it appears the decision has already been made to shut up shop.

How do I know this ? well at risk to myself I am exposing this as so far staff have been told to keep it private and confidential. But I have seen grown men cry, staff who have worked for the company for a very long time who are in there 50's and 60's being faced with no real re-employment options. Young men and women with families to support who are now faced with having to plan/worry about how they are going to pay their next bill/put food on the table.

Whilst staff can potentially be re-located to Portsmouth, the opportunities are very limited and the majority of staff will have to find new jobs.

We have always been open and honest with the customers and I don't believe in keeping this covered up. I want the customers who I have served over the years to know the truth and to tell them how sorry I am you are being let down by what amounts to greed by the company directors to focus on business to business sales.

This was a totally unexpected announcement from the company as we the staff had no reason to think the retail stores would even be closed down.

Keep an eye out for an announcement/confirmation next week.

Novatech UK :



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djdanster    594

Gotta say that I'm surprised. I thought you guys were growing quite well as an online retailer.


I hope you find another job and it's great to see honestly, even if it's not official.


I was also left in a horrible position about a year ago now, where the computer shop I was working for (doing repairs and e-commerce) just shut up shop the owner packed his bags for a permanent holiday!

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Nova Tech    0

Were just as surprised as well, we had no reason to suspect or even see this coming.


I'm mostly gutted because it was the only job where I've ever felt in my element. Its been great meeting customers who come into store, find out what they are looking for, talk to them about what products would suit there needs etc.

From the bottom of my heart I am truly and deeply gutted and i'm really sorry to all customers who will feel let down by this.

At the moment im just going to have to take each day as it comes, and whilst I will in the back of my mind be thinking about how im going to pay the bills, what I will miss the most is my work colleagues and the job itself. I doubt I will ever find another job like NovaTech.

NovaTech was an awesome company to work for and I will miss it very much :(


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