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Researchers Say ExoMars Could Detect Bacteria on Mars

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Researchers Say ExoMars Could Detect Bacteria on Mars ? Past or Present


An artist?s conception of the European Space Agency?s ExoMars rover, scheduled to launch in 2018. Credit: ESA


Signs of life on the Martian surface would still be visible even after bacteria were zapped with a potentially fatal dose of radiation, according to new research ? if life ever existed there, of course.

Using ?model? bacteria expected to resemble what microbes could look like on the Red Planet, the research team used a Raman spectrometer ? an instrument type that the ExoMars rover will carry in 2018 ? to see how the signal from the bacteria change as they get exposed to more and more radiation.

The bottom line is the study authors believe the European Space Agency rover?s instrument would be capable of seeing bacteria on Mars ? from the past or the present ? if the bacteria were there in the first place.

Readings from the NASA Mars Curiosity rover recently found that humans on the surface of Mars would have a higher risk of cancer due to the increased radiation level on the surface. Mars does not have a global magnetic field to deflect radiation from solar flares, nor a thick atmosphere to shelter the surface.


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