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disk2vhd change Drive Signature

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agent86oz    0

Main OS Windows 8


I want to clone or run a bootable VHD or partition copied from my main OS with applications installed for compatibly testing that won't run effectively on Hyper-v due to graphics performance issues.


I have read for may hours and found EasyBCD and worked out how to boot to VHD finally. 


I used disk2vhd which created a VHD file no problems but when trying to attach I get a error which leads me to disk signature issue discussed everywhere but only instructions on how to make the VHD bootable the signature as far as I can work out means you can't run Win 8 or Win 7 cloned or VHD drives on the same computer they are created on.


I used to use Bootit BM from Terrabyte Unlimited but won't work with UEFI. It was great as you could hide partitions from each other and no conflicts and I believe it would solve this issue. I can't find an equivalent boot manager that works in UEFI that hides partitions.


I only plan to Use Windows 8 at this time and maybe Windows 7 if compatibility issues. Boot to VHD sounded great and seems good for fresh install without conflicting Disk Signatures.


Any solution even one that does not use the nifty boot to VHD but maybe a separate partition appreciated. I have looked long and hard. I don't fully understand the boot process but seemed to struggle to get to booting Win 8 as a VHD and on standard install.



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