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Windows 8 and the optical drive auto-eject question

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omega8    0
Does anyone know how to toggle off the auto-eject feature on Windows 8 when you click on the optical (DVD) drive? Basically what happens is that when you double click on the drive, the optical drive tray ejects (and there is no command to re-tract the tray).


I am aware of a feature from Windows 7 that you can add something to the effect of NoCDBurn=1 (or something to that effect) on one of the registry entry to toggle that off, that was added in the Explorer folder of the registry. This worked in Windows 7, but for Windows 8 it appears to be different, as I have already attempted that and the tray still ejects when I double click on the optical drive.


Just a note, I don't have the Windows 8 Pro edition, just the regular one. So that means gpedit.msc is out of the question for me.

I'm hoping this case is just a simple entry that needs to be added/modify in the registry rather than having to download a program.

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