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Takes almost a minute before internet is usable after waking from sleep

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GeeZuZz    0

After I upgraded my Acer Aspire 1830T to Windows 8 I've been having an issue with network after waking from sleep.

The PC immediately wakes up, and it connects to the wireless network immediately, but network connectivity does not work for the first 30-60 seconds. And it doesn't just suddenly start working either, after about 30 sekunds it starts to work really slowly (downloading webpages at less than a KB/s), and then gradually starts working properly.

So every time I power on the computer, i have to wait up to a minute before a page will load instantly like it should.

I even bought a newer wireless card, but the problem is still there! It has nothing to do with browsers etc - ping does not work either, nor does LAN browsing etc.

Does anyone know whats wrong? As mentioned, no problems with Windows 7, only happened after I upgraded to Windows 8.

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Nuno Relvao    9

Do you by any chance have any VIrtualBox installed? or for example another third party software that has created any kind of virtual network device?


If VirtualBox then unnistall it first and reboot, then sleep and wake and see if problem persist.


as for any other third party software do the same.

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