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Using Vista BASIC theme, there's NO color shown OR selected anywhere in Appearance Settings > Advanced, that's even close to the disabled text color, INDICATED in the screen shot of a Password Safe menu.


This same "tannish" color (little contrast w/ background) shows up in several apps, but not all. It's NOT a color shown as a Windows' selected or users' selected color ANYWHERE, where it could be changed.  What CONTROLS this color?


In Appearance Settings, the "Disabled Item" color is a MED. GRAY. Don't know how to control / change the indicated color. Ideas?



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Tried Aero & changing "3D Objects" color - that controls some screens' color (as in the shot).


Only difference Aero made was in borders, title bars, etc.


Changing 3D Objects color (to Lt. green / blue) resulted in Windows choosing another, slightly darker shade for the "Disabled Text" color used on screens like the shot.  But no more visible than in the shot.


In some apps, the "Disabled Text" color (I chose gray) is indeed used in menus, options screens - as in Firefox, Open Office, etc.  It may be those elements are being treated as Menus, not 3D Objects.

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