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I have a C# WinForms program which runs on Windows 8 but fails on Windows 8.1 (both the beta and the RTM). I initialize a WebBrowser control with my HTML, which contains an object tag referencing a remote Flash SWF file. I wish I could switch away from Flash, but this is the only format which is available for this purpose.

In Windows 8, the file plays fine. On Windows 8.1, the object tag is successfully written to the page, but it is just a transparent box. What would have changed in Windows 8.1 that would block Flash in the WebBrowser control? I'm guessing it might have something to do with Internet Explorer 11.

Here's a link to the code itself. The program allows for standalone playback of TWiT.tv programming with the BitGravity player.


Thank you.

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Please do not bump posts. If someone sees it and can answer they will.

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OK, GreyWolf, but the purpose of bumping is so that someone would be more likely to see it.  I had waited nine days, and my topic was far from the first screen.  I didn't know bumping was so frowned upon in the Neowin forums.

As you say, "If someone sees it and can answer they will."  I was hoping that maybe someone that hadn't seen it the first time could answer it.  What should someone do in that case?  Go ask somewhere else?  All of this is totally unrelated to the original topic, by the way, and I'm not sure why you replied to the thread instead of just messaging me privately.  But oh well.  If anyone is still listening, please see the original post.  Thank you.

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