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Internet Explorer 11 Disapered from Apps and Taskbar...

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I have been taking a look at Windows 8.1 Cough! RTM Legit register. and I decided on making Chrome my default WB. And this is where it kind of gets all fuzzy because I actually don't know what I done, or what happened but IE vanished from my Taskbar and from Windows 8.1 but was installed? You couldn't search for IE11 as soon as you started to type in the first couple of letter "inter" nothing. I love a challenge but this was just insanely stupid. Like really stupid.


Why not just set Explorer as default in Default Programs. That was the first thing that I tried and it wasn't there. Reset Explorer back to default which basically resets everything. Tried this and still the same problem. The only way I could get Explorer back was to do the following which is just insane... I managed to get Explorer Metro back which was easy but the rest I had to do the following tasks.This reinstates Internet Explorer Metro and adds Internet Explorer back into Apps. Go back to Default Programs and then Set your default programs. Explorer is back in this list again and just set this as your default browser. I don't know how or why IE11 was removed or disabled as a Windows 8.1 App nor do I know why this happened in the first place. But to make you go through such pathetic process is just... doesn't make any sense. I know that IE11 was installed because if you Start Run type in the following %ProgramFiles%\Internet Explorer and then click on Internet Explorer.


Task One:

Default Programs then Set program access and computer defaults and select Custom then Internet Explorer.


Task Two:

Default Programs then set program access and computer defaults and select Microsoft Windows.


Anybody else experienced this, what a nightmare, I spent 20 minutes trying to get IE11 back... :cry:



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