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Corsair SP2500 Speakers Dead :(

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thefonz    5
Hi folks,


Weird one with these speakers I've had for around 2 years now.

I moved house recently and when packaging them up made sure they were bubble wrapped etc and working perfectly before the move.


Upon unpacking in my new place plugged everything in as normal, hooked up power etc...and...pushed the button on remote and...nothing. nada. zip :(


I got a replacement remote from Corsair which arrived yesterday and plugged it all in and...nothing :(


So now I am turning to you esteemed people for suggestions ? all i can think of is the subwoofer itself is busted but that would not mean the remote wouldnt even turn on, right? Or its the power supply but its a standard 3 pin cable used for most psu's...


Help! I have a $250 paperweight :(



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papercut2008uk    98

i was searching online to see if there might be a fuse somewhere that has blown, but seems like there isn't, you'll have to return the whole thing, 


those speakers do have a 2 year warranty cover, if it's out of that, call them up, they might still help.


have you tried them on a different power outlet? if you've moved into a new place, it's worth trying on a different plug to rule that out.

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