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New Xbox Gift Cards - codes work across Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows

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Crisp    3,271
New Xbox Gift Cards revealed - boxed codes work across Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows

?10, ?15, ?25 and ?50 denominations given by Amazon

Xbox Live product manager Pav Bhardwaj has discussed the next generation of Microsoft Gift Cards with OXM, revealing that they will be sold both digitally and in boxes, and can be used across Windows and Xbox platforms.


Amazon UK now has listings for ?10, ?15, ?25 and ?50 Gift Cards, as spotted by Videogamer. It's not currently clear whether you'll be able to buy Gift Cards worth less than ?10, as was the case with the previous generation of Cards, which used the now-obsolete Microsoft Points system.


"You can use them on Xbox Live exactly as you would have used a Points card," explained Bhardwaj. "You put them into your Microsoft account, and then you buy games, add-ons, movies, Season Passes, Music Passes.


"The great thing about Xbox Gift cards is that you can now use them across the platforms, across all Microsoft platforms," he continued. "So on Windows, for example, you can buy movies. If you rent or buy a movie from there, you can watch it on Xbox as well. It's a really nice way to bring Xbox and Windows together, make it really easy for a consumer to use their currency wherever they want."


The new Gift Cards will launch sometime in October. Earlier in the same interview, Bhardwaj also spoke to us about Microsoft's Games with Gold scheme, promising "great games" in the coming months, and suggesting that the program might "evolve" in 2014.



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George P    3,554

Well this sounds as expected, no reason you shouldn't be able to use these on any of MSs systems that also have Live, so that's Windows and WP and so on.  Now that points are out of the question and you have real money which is what Windows and WP was using they can bring the Xbox 360/One into the mix and you can now use your Live balance on anything that has Live.

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Showan    692

What I'm waiting for is Boxed Digital Codes for Collectors editions of games at retail stores.


Say for Example: Steel Book Copy of Titan Fall, open it up and its a digital code, NO DISC, and all the goodies Collectors Items come with (Statue of a Titan, or whatever), so us digital folk don't feel left out, of the collectors fun

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