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Circaflex    3,018

Hey guys so i have another assignment I am having trouble with. We just setup SQL Server and are creating a script, it asks to run parse first to ensure no errors, then execute. I have attached the pdf of the script i had to copy into sql along with my script in txt format.

i run parse and it opens a new window, but seems to just stop until i hit continue, it then says it completed successfully. when i try to execute the script it get this error, "Msg 2714, Level 16, State 6, Line 5
There is already an object named 'DEPARTMENT' in the database." I am hoping I am just over looking the error. Thanks

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Kami-    178

Well quite simply, you already have an object in your database named 'Department', if you're all sharing a database that'll be why.


Effectively if want to do a check to see i the database object already exists, if not then create it (or drop and recreate it if that's what you want).

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