Stardock Launches New Mobile Division - First iOS Game Coming Soon

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Island Dog

Stardock has announced its mobile division and the first game for iOS will be coming in the next week or so, and other titles are also in development.


First game is Dead Mans Draw, a card game for iPhone/iPad designed by Derek Paxton.




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Island Dog

Dead Man's Draw is available now!  








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Island Dog
Hey all ?


Stardock is making a physical version of our iOS card game Dead Man?s Draw ? if we make our funding goal, anyway. We?ve launched a Kickstarter (priced to not make us any money even if successful; this is for our fans) for a high-quality print run of Dead Man?s Draw. 


We honestly don?t know if enough people are interested for this to make sense, but we had so much fun playing the prototype Dead Man?s Draw decks we printed during the development of the iOS game that we wanted to share.


It may not be online multiplayer, but we promise you that four-player Dead Man?s Draw around a card table is even better ;)

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Island Dog

Dead Man?s Draw is now free on the App Store ? we?ve changed it into a free-to-play title but kept all the original content, plus the 14 tournaments we?ve added since launch, completely free of charge.

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