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JasonC    3

Hi all

I need a little help with a formula in ms excel.

Basically I have a table with 2 columns, in the left column is a list of names, the right column is a list of times, each column corresponds to the next one, ie, cell A1 is the name and B1 is the time.

The times in this table gets manually updated.

Next I have another table, the left column has the name again and the right column has the time. But this time the time column has a formula in which looks at the first tables times and it lists the top 3 times, on 3 different rows, it works fine as when I update the times in the first table, they change in the 2nd table depending on which time is the lowest.

The problem I am having is the name on the 2nd table needs to update automatically with the times when they change.

Can anyone shed any light?

I've tried playing round with vlookup but can't seem to get anywhere.

Cheers, Jason

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