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Ultrabook (or other) suggestions

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Shannon    17

For the last 9 months or so I've been learning another language (German). Usually I just do my study on the desktop computer in my office each night, but I'd really like to be able to start reading German books and watching movies with subtitles in bed before I go to sleep. So basically I need some sort of portable device to supplement my learning.


I was thinking about a tablet, but the lack of multitasking and the small screen size would make it difficult to watch movies and have an online dictionary open for when I need it. Additionally, I'd like to add unknown words into my flashcard revision program Anki as I look them up, which means multitasking is pretty important and essentially rules out a tablet. So basically I think I need a small laptop/ultrabook. If I was to get a laptop, I'd also want one that is powerful enough to replace my desktop for basic use (web surfing, MS Office, light photography editing, movie playback).


I'm leaning towards a 13" Macbook Air but the resolution kinda disappoints me (no 1080p in 2013, really?), and I'm not a great fan of OSX so I would probably bootcamp it anyway. The other option I've considered is a Sony Vaio Pro 13 for about +$100, but I'm not so sure about the flimsy carbon fibre body and I've heard they get quiet hot and noisy (and I've been unable to find a Vaio Pro locally to evaluate these things myself.) Both of these devices also seem rather expensive for what I will be using them for.


So Neowin, what are your suggestions? Are there some better options I'm not thinking about?



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