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Monster 802.11AC routers, Upgrade time?

Better AC Routers are here  

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  1. 1. Is it time to upgrade your network?

    • Yes - Just have to have the latest!
    • Yes - Because it's about time
    • Yes - But just for LAN/AP Use, ISP Sux! :(
    • Hmm - Maybe, need some reviews
    • No - Already have AC, waiting till Next-Gen
    • No - My .11N network serves me just fine
    • No - No LAN/NAS and 56K Only. :cry:

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JJ_    127

My next device must have 802.11ac.


Fixed  :D I think a lot of electronics manufacturers bar Apple drag their heels when it comes to updating on board wireless cards/chipsets in newer devices. I came across an i5 notebook from ASUS which was released last year with a N-100 card limited to 150Mbps speeds and no 5GHz capability.

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