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tajul    1,907

Thor, the Viking God of Thunder, and Odin, King Of The Gods are enjoying a flagon of mead in Valhalla, the Norse heaven.

Suddenly, Thor turns to Odin. You know, my Lord he says, thoughtfully thumbing his huge mystical hammer. Being a god is brilliant, but its been a millennium since I had any sex.

Odin nodded and pondered for a while. Raising his mighty head, he took pity on his melon-sacked subordinate. Go to Earth, O Thor, he replied. Find thyself there what they call a lady of the night. Treat her to your manly pleasures.

Bowing gracefully, Thor retired and followed Odins advice, before returning the next night. My Lord, he said, grinning from ear to ear, You were right it was wonderful. We had passionate sex 37 times!

37 times? exclaimed Odin.

That poor woman!! Mere mortals cannot endure such treatment. You must go and apologize!

Humbled, Thor went back down to earth and found the aforementioned prostitute. Im sorry about last night, he apologized. But you see, Im Thor.

Youre Thor? shouted the girl, What about me? I cant even pith. :laugh:

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HawkMan    5,161

... ummm yeah not really funny, try again.



also the joke is obviously written by someone who don't know anything about norse gods. Thor has a wife and kids and gets it more than enough at home ;)

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JoeC    105

The mighty Thor went off to war

Upon his favourite filly.

"I'm Thor! I'm Thor!", the horthe replied

"You've forgotten your thaddle, thilly"

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