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NVIDIA Stream Service plays Windows Device Disconnect sound every boot

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xWhiplash    351

So this was an annoying problem.  Since I use OS X and Windows 8 on the same computer, I boot into the other OSes very often.  When I would boot into Windows 8, the first thing I would hear would be the device disconnected sound (the sound you hear from unplugging a USB device).  It took me a while to find out what the cause was.  I did the usual routine.  I disabled all service and startup items, then enabled them one by one.


It seems that the NVIDIA Streamer Service was the cause of this.  I just wanted to let people know about this in case they run into the same issue.  As you can imagine as a developer and graphic designer, I have a lot of services, so finding the one that caused it was not a fun time.


Here is a question though:  For those that have experienced this (or know what the Stream Service is doing), why does it play that sound if the service is enabled?

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