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What about LG Optimus L4 II for specific reasons, what do you think?

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medhunter    30
My sony sola died on me.All attempts to resusscitate failed.I declared it afew days ago :angry:


I need to buy a cheap smartphone for the moment for 2 reasons:

A) I am on a relatively tight budget for communication (awaiting my 2nd baby)

B) I long for Nexus 5 next year God willing


Same strategy when I bought Sola Last year as a 1st time android, waiting for S4


So, I am in between smartphones now .


I will use it for a little browsing, facebook, G+ (I am almost too busy during work), GPS for driving. camera is not important because I have a cannon elf. 


This is the one I chose. LG Optimus L4 II.I almost have never seen reviews anywhere.


And Here are prices in L.E and here also. I picked  LG Optimus L4 II for 1050 L.E in another site in my current price range



 I will stick to this price range. Do you see better alternatives?

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medhunter    30

I might opt for a 7" cheepo tablet forlarger screen for  GPS.It can do calls also


Like this one, what do u think?




If you're in the US the Optimus G Pro might work @$60. I have one and like it a lot.


These smartphones are Unlocked.60$ with a plan is way too much above the price range if unlocked.

We only have unlocked devices in the market here


Thanks for sharing your experience.

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