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Punisher fan film The Dead Can't Be Distracted has been hit with a cease-and-desist order from Marvel Studios.


The company shut down Mike Pecci's project - which is based on Greg Rucka and Marco Checchetto's run on the comic - on the grounds that it could be mistaken for an official Marvel movie.


"According to Marvel it would 'confuse the audience' into believing that it's an official Marvel production," Pecci wrote on his website. 


"At first, I was flattered that the quality of our work might even compare to the millions they spend on production and advertising, but then the reality of it all set in. 


"Marvel legal was demanding that I don't release the film! Since when does Marvel go after fan films? Wasn't there a recent and heavily promoted Punisher fan film with Thomas Jane? What could I do about this?"


However, Pecci claims to have shown the film to Rucka and Checchetto, and received positive feedback from both.


He is now hoping to show the film to Marvel with a view to releasing it in one form or another.



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Marvel is completely within their rights to do this. It is their character after all.

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Yes it is, and there are rumblings of a reboot for both Punisher and DareDevil.

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