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Parking Agent Hogs Handicapped Spot, Gets Sacked

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He was supposed to dole out tickets and make sure drivers were sticking to parking rules. But instead, one Houston parking enforcement agent broke the rules he was meant to enforce, getting fired this week after parking illegally in a handicapped spot and cursing at the fed-up civilian who filmed him in action.

?Like with any organization, there are some hires that work out and some that don?t,? Christopher Newport, deputy director of city parking management for Houston tells Yahoo Shine, confirming on Wednesday that the agent in question had been let go ?as of yesterday morning.? And it was not his choice of parking spots that was the worst offense, Newport adds, but ?his response,? which included the use of an expletive, despite knowing he was being filmed at the time. ?If that?s how you make decisions, I don?t think we want you working for us,? says Newport.

Brian Moya, head of an online real estate company, filmed the unnamed parking agent pulling his city vehicle out of the spot and immediately uploaded the video to YouTube. He then called Newport?s office to log an official complaint.

?It makes me feel disgusted when people park in those spaces and they?re not even handicapped,? Moya tells Yahoo Shine. He said his anger was partly on behalf of his father, disabled due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and his late mother, who was also disabled. ?I?m not surprised by the response from the city,? he adds. ?I wanted him fired. But he should?ve also gotten the $500 fine that anyone else would have gotten.?

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Lead by example douchebag...

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