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Ludic Side revolutionizes the memory games with the launch of the game Free

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Hello guys!  :laugh:
My first game, Freeze the Way, was finally released on Google Play and App Store.
Check the launch trailer and screenshots of the game below and please download it... Even if you don't like puzzle games, downloading and rating my game will help me A LOT. Thanks everyone and... have fun! :D
But after all... what is the game about?
Freeze the Way is a new way to challenge your memory. With 4 different modes: 
- In Adventure mode the player has to follow a path and record it. If the path is wrong, the character back to the beginning and should repeat the same sequence again. The game ends when you miss a path that already been traveled. 
- The Time Attack mode works similarly, but there is the time factor to make it harder and is only necessary to record the sequence of 10 floors, because there are checkpoints. Is also possible to perform combos that affect the multiplier from the time received. 
- Random mode is totally random, because every time the player misses, the path is redefined. 
- Memory mode works in the style of the game Simon. A sequence of floors is showed and player must repeat it.
Features of the game:
- Amazing cartoon graphics
- Many achievements to be unlocked
- Game Center integrated
- 4 unique modes of play
- Challenge your friends in social networks
- Daily awards in random mode
- Leaderboards for you and your friends
- Awesome powers to help you reach further


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