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theweirdn8    3


Hey guys, 
I know in the wake of the new SteamOS, there seems to be tons of developers rushing towards Steam, but often time the Greenlight process takes far too long and is often seen as a popularity contest.



To Consumers

-On you can find and play free and premium(paid) games on our site. There are also cool articles and events ranging from all sorts of things from Salsa dancing to crowd-funding tips&tricks.



To Game Developers & Content Creators

IF you are looking for a community of people to show and/or sell your game to checkout and branch our your community a little more.


You can blog(including game-logs), add your game and events related to the site. 

The site is free to use and we have already over half a thousand members and we are growing nicely. 
Give it a shot and let's make the world a better place through gaming!


New Bonus for Linux developers please see - 


There is also another general bonus for game devs who get content in by tomorrow at 10:00am.See

Get in before October 12th!

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Geoffrey B.    1,414

thanks for the heads up but i will stick with the well known of steam as i can trust them and they have been around for a while.

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Barney T.    2,131

Neowin Is Not A Support Forum For Other Sites.

Comparing, judging the content/value or raising the opinion of other sites, recruiting members or staff, bad mouthing (or victimizing) & negative discussion about non/affiliate site issues on our forums is neither wanted nor tolerated. Promotion of individual member sites or blogs will be deleted on sight.


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