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University Dissertation/Project Ideas

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Tjcrazy    6
Hi Team,


I've come to a massive mind-block on choosing a dissertation/project for my final year Software Engineering course at uni.


I'm looking at doing a PHP based project, but need it to be pretty complex.

I was thinking of doing a Content Management System; but after speaking to my supervisor - it doesn't seem like I'd have enough depth in it.


Any ideas, that would be great - and save me ALOT of stress.






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Lingwo    489

CMS could be as complex as you want it to be. It would be a clich? though.


How about a social network system but based on one of your hobbies?

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+John Teacake    447

I wanted someone to write this for me, To pull data from the Betfair API so it would log and categorize Horse racing data. So Which horse wins most at which track and length, How many times etc. Detect irregular betting patterns. Average Odds over time, Real live tracking of this. A bit like a tipsters website but one that actually has useful data.


Edit: You can make it complex or as simple as you like. You could have per horse graphing for the last 2,3,4 weeks or something like that. If a horse has won at a track 7/10 times over the past few months it could flag it up as a "Hot Tip" You could also get people to subscribe to the data for a nominal fee etc.

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