6.5 Years Later - I got Hitched!


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Welp guess it's about time I posted on here as I've been talking about my wife and such but haven't announced it.


So a little back story - we met by chance in that my friend invited her to an outing that she didn't end up making so we spent some time together that first time. Goes to say she didn't like me at first but then eventually warmed up after she spoke to me again 2 weeks later. We hung out, saw a movie, went to dinner and then 6.5yrs later we got married. :wub:


We only had a small thing now as she's German and has a contract for her new job already there (i'm in the USA). So we'll have the big ceremony later once I move to Germany (need to learn the language first - yikes! :s ).


So no little SHoTTa35's yet for all the people that's gonna ask, oddly enough women always ask that right away when someone gets married. :rofl:


So that's all for now... thanks for the warm wishes in advanced. :pint:


(and thanks for the warnings and the "it's all down hill from here" :omg:  comments too :p)

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Congrats again!


(Also, as someone who doesn't want kids, you don't have to worry about this woman prodding you about spawning. Especially not right after the wedding! That's just silly.)


Germany is great! But you've been there, you know what it's like. The language is tough to master with books, but easy-ish when you are immersed in it. And, especially if you are near a big city, there are enough people who speak English well enough for you to get by with some flailing and gesturing if you are lost for a particular word :laugh:


You should speak to Tom--he moved there from England a few months ago and I think he's doing fairly well. He could probably give you some tips. :)


Best of luck and congrats again on deine neue Frau ^_^

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(need to learn the language first - yikes! :s ).



I heard it's not that hard to learn coming from english. Unless i'm mistaken both are germanic derived languages.


Anyway congratz man.

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You'll probably pick up German just fine, especially if you are going to be living there.  The language structure is easier to follow than English, and for an English speaker most of the sounds come naturally.


Congratulations!  I got married last November and it has been nice.  I had my fun in my 20's but I don't want to go back to that.  Having someone to depend on and that can depend on you is a real relief for life.  I'd say my stress levels have never been lower.

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I've been doing Rosetta Stone but that was more just playing around long ago. More recently I've dug into DuoLingo for the app (it syncs with the website so I can continue on my laptop when I get home) and I like it better. So i'm learning per say and my wife tries to talk to me in German instead of English to help me get used to hearing it but yeah, still need some more practice. I'll need to get my A1 certificate before getting my Visa to move there so gotta do that soon!


Thanks again for the kind words :)

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I've been doing Rosetta Stone but that was more just playing around long ago. More recently I've dug into DuoLingo for the app (it syncs with the website so I can continue on my laptop when I get home) and I like it better. So i'm learning per say and my wife tries to talk to me in German instead of English to help me get used to hearing it but yeah, still need some more practice. I'll need to get my A1 certificate before getting my Visa to move there so gotta do that soon!


Thanks again for the kind words :)


The best way to learn a new language is to interact with people. I tried to learn english with a software and some classes but it was mostly a waste of time.


I learned a lot more by participating in forums and playing WoW and Xbox Live games. The only downside is people will laugh at you when you do stupid mistakes ;)

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Congrats man! :D


In November will be 3 years of marriage for me and my wife and a total of 7 years together in February 2014. She is from Peru and I love the food and cant wait to visit but we will always live here in the states.

Germany would be a big move IMO but hopefully it turns out great for you!



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Congradulations! for the SMART choice of leaving usa with your wife and going to a real country such as Germany.  Was nice you waited awhile to get married it was smart move.

As for German langauge it is not that much different from English once you get to learn it more. French and Spanish are way harder. German sounds exactly like it is written. The long words are not difficult at all once you learn the root of the language.

Quality of life and personal freedom/privacy are all much better than in USA. Roads are also better maintained and houses are built with much better quality and standards than your cheaply build standard American houses. Even a regular German home is built much better quality than a million dollar American home.


Workers rights are also much better in Germany. 6 weeks paid vacation minimum and they cant force you to work 80 hours a week like they can in USA. Plus you get sick days by law also. All these rights you will gain in Germany ( and EU ) but do not ahve in USA. Plus Germanys unemployment rate is much much lower than USA ( republicans would say these rights in usa would raise unemployment rates but it has been proven false over and over again )

Having lived in both countries I wish I could live in Germany still ( but I do not have visa so stay forever in Germany )

I am happy that you are lucky to escape the s%hit hole usa that is has become. Other Americans who have never left USA to live in such a good country will not realize how much better it is over there and they will remain igorant and wave the usa flag and say its number one when they do not know any better.

I remember talking to an old women with such a still very sharp mind when I was living in Germany. She lived thru ww2 and was a young adult back then. She said she could of never imagined in her life that Germany would be more free and prosperous than USA as she grew up in ww2 with Nazi Germany. I had a long talk with her 1 on 1 as it changed me a bit to be honest. USA with all its NSA spying is on this path maybe not to mass genocide but to anyone who stands up against usa gov etc.

PS: Germany are very friendly and funny. They just do not show it at first. They may seem cold at first but once you get to know them they are friend for life or a very long time. Opposite is in USA where most people are friendly to your face but are not true friends. So Germany are much more real and Americans are much more fake.

I do hope someday I can move out of this hell hole corporate states of america and live in a free and prosperous country mself. I will never stop trying until I make it out of here.

Also Germany and EU on a whole use mucn more real sugar in foods intead of man made high fructose corn syrup. Also GMOS are basically banned in EU where it is in almost every food int he USA and Americans have no right to know what is in there foods as of late 2013. I guarantee your health will be so much better in Germany than in usa ( also mainland EU/ Scandanavia ). I am so happy for you that you can live in such a great country.

As I said again I will never stop trying and dream of moving out of USA so I can live in a free country where people have rights, respected etc and not ruled by corporations like usa is. I actually have 50 percent German blood in me and wish I could just pack up and move right now.

Germans taxes look higher on paper yes but in reality unless you make a million a year or more you will pay less taxes in Germany. Americans think they have low taxes but they have so many hidden taxes and healthcare is so expensiev in usa ( and crap ) you pay for of your income away in USA for things in Germany and other western EU countries that people there take for granted. Plus Germany has no waiting lists  to see doctors and they have about 2x more Doctors per person than USA does. Dont let anyone tell you Germanys healthcare is goverment controlled because it is not. They use sickness funds non profit like what a credit union would be in usa ( except usa does not have sickness funds only credit unions for banking ) Plus your kids if you have any will not have to take out loans for university as it is paid by taxes such as k-12 in usa is.

Their is a saying that Americans have to work their tails off 50 or more hours a week to save and have the same standard of living and save for university and other things and rainy day funds that western/ northern europeans ( except uk ) take for granted in life.

As a citizen of Germany will make you citizen of the EU wich means you can move freely to 29 countries without visa. This creates competition so the countries compete to keep the people from moving. It is so hard for Americans to leave so usa has no competition to keep the masses from moving away since it is as easy as moving from usa state to another EU makes it that easy to move to different countries. Good competition at work.

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Good luck for the future SHoTTa35, i hope all goes well (Y) Has she got a sister :p


She got a sister but already married with 2 kids, so maybe if you were Bill Gates kinda rich or something? I dunno though.... :shifty:


Well, I guess we won't see you on Neowin much anymore. :cry:




I kid :D


Congratulations SHoTTa!


She does wear the pants though so you were right! :blush:

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