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You know, you could add a lot more appeal and get more replies to your news posts if you simply quoted an excerpt of the article and then linked to it, like so...


Would Nintendo ever make a movie based on The Legend of Zelda? Apparently, that's an idea that actually been discussed a few times: series producer Eiji Aonuma told Kotaku that he'd spoken to his colleague, famed game creator Shigeru Miyamoto, about creating a theatrical experience based on the storied franchise. However, if Nintendo were to make a Legend of Zelda movie, it would have to be an interactive experience, perhaps even one where you'd bring your 3DS handheld to the theatre and play ? not wholly unlike Disney's new iPad experience for The Little Mermaid.


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Just a thought. :)  Personally, just seeing a link when I open a thread doesn't make me want to click on it.

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Thanks for tip, Marshall. :)

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is it gonna be better than Legend of Zelda series two decades ago?

maybe... we will see and wait. :)

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