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How about dumb sh*t that people actually *do* believe, like eating local honey will help with seasonal allergies?  Or that genetically modified crops are dangerous to eat?  Or that eating before bed will somehow make you fat?

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The only saying I actually believe is "you are what you eat".  This is true.


If you eat a lot of fatty foods, you become fat....if you eat a lot of vegetables rich in vitamins/minerals you get healthier and feel better etc etc


I highly doubt there's anyone on the planet who believes the OPs list.  Unless they have a mental illness.


Hah! Wrong!


I eat nothing but junk food and I became a vegetable.  :rofl:

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farmers would scatter broken eggs into their fields hoping they would bring forth an abundant crop.


Egg shells can be used as fertilizer (calcium) so that one isn't too far off depending on what your growing.

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Don't eat peanuts at any kind of performance, whether it's a play or a racing event (really!). The legumes are believed to give the performers or players really bad gas..



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