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Fantastic images of Saturn which show the planet in its entirety

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Crisp    3,271

Fantastic images of Saturn which show the planet in its entirety created by amateur who stitched dozens of space pics together

A breathtaking new view of Saturn, showcasing the planet's rings, has been created by an amateur image processor.

Croatian computer programmer Gordan Ugarkovic assembled the image, looking down on the second largest planet in the Solar System, from 36 shots captured by the Cassini spacecraft on October 10.

Combining a dozen each of red, green and blue filter images the computer science graduate created the stunning mosaic.

Stunning new view of Saturn created by amateur image processor Gordan Ugarkovic



The aspiring astrophotographer from Croatia used red, green and blue filters to create the series of images



Emily Lakdawalla from the Planetary Society said: 'This mosaic showing the flattened globe of Saturn floating amongst the complete disk of its rings must surely be counted among the great images of the Cassini mission'


The amateur astrophotographer, who lists Zagreb as his location on his Flickr site, said on his profile: 'I'm a guy who does programming for a living, have a degree in computer science, but in free time I like to fool around with image processing.

'Currently my top choice of images to play with is the Cassini/Huygens missions to Saturn and Titan.'


Introducing the images on his page, he added: 'The images you see here are (more or less) calibrated images that were released to the Planetary Data System (PDS), they are not raw jpeg processed images that immediately appear on the mission website as they're down linked from the spacecraft.

'I hope you find at least some of them interesting.'



NASA's Cassini spacecraft was launched in 1997. Following the completion of a successful four-year mission in June 2008, an extension means it will orbit Saturn, captured above by the craft in 2005, until 2017


Source and more


High res

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DocM    12,774

Definitely some worthy of being desktop background images.

Ugordan is on one of the major aerospace sites I frequent. Nice chap.

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Growled    3,880

They are beautiful but I wish they were in color.

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