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Pinned folders "unavailable" and can't be removed

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MightyJordan    4,893

This might be a bit tricky to explain, so I'll do my best. This issue arose after updating to Windows 8.1.


Here's the list of folders I have pinned to Windows Explorer on my taskbar...



Now, when I try to access Documents, Music, Pictures or Videos from the jump list, I'm greeted with this message...



If I click Yes, it does nothing; the folder is still in the jump list and still doesn't work. They can't be removed either. Weirdly though, if I pin the folder to the jump list again, they both start working, but if I unpin one of them, the other one stops working, and it can't be removed.


For what it's worth, here's the layout of my PC's drives...



I posted that as all of the aforementioned folders are on different drives to the one Windows is on; has been since I first installed Windows 8 last year. Music is on D:, Documents and Pictures are on E:, and Videos are on F:. For all I know, it's probably what's causing this issue. Has anyone else encountered this?

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George P    3,557

This is a odd one, I wonder if you have to edit the registry or something to finally get rid of them, if that's possible.

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