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Hello All,


I am thinking of getting an i5 / i7 Laptop with dedicated graphics for work. It would be useful if it could run games like World of Warcraft / Counter Strike: Global Offensive on decent settings, because there are times in the office when i get a couple of hours to sit and game.


So far i have found some laptops over on Overclockers which do have a good spec, although they are on the pricey side and i am wondering if anyone has used them for laptops before and how the build quality is? This one is the one i am looking at -


If anyone can recommend a decent laptop which could handle that job, i can upgrade things like SSD / RAM myself, so i mainly need the 17" screen, decent CPU and GPU, if it comes with a standard 5400rpm hard drive and 4GB RAM that doesn't matter.


A backlight keyboard would be a bonus! Any suggestions are really welcome :)




I did try to find a Lenovo Y580 Series in the UK, even looking on eBay but i cannot find one anywhere :( something like that would be perfect!

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