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Note 3 dropping signal only with Home Network

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McKay    3,695

I have a bit of an odd situation, my Note 3 will drop Wifi randomly for a second, and then reconnect to the network right away, there is no pattern to when it will happen. I can go 5 minutes without it happening, and then it will happen every 15 seconds 5 times in a row. 


At first I thought I had a defective Note 3, with dodgy Wifi or something, but every other Wifi Network I've connected it to has been fine. My friends Airport Extreme, piggybacking off his BT Business Hub works fine, and the BT Business Network we have at work it connects and stays connected to fine. Plus my Dad's Talk-Talk Network. Now I'm looking to my BT Homehub here at home, but there are currently 4 other Wi-Fi devices connected and they never drop connection, not to mention the legion of other phones I've had, have never dropped connection. 


I'm not sure what to do. My current Router is the BT Homehub V3



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