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Unless they're setting anti-aliasing too high, as Crysis 3 was very demanding on my setup as well (GTX680 SLI).


yeah i had 8x MSAA, 16x anisotropic filtering on it and everything, everything else set to go as high as possible. plays it smoothly though so there is a bottleneck... the insane level of gfx on crysis 3 hah :d

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Had a lot of fun at the London Xbox One Tour last tuesday, staff were nice and friendly, managed to have a go on, 


Forza 5 - rumble on the triggers is excellent and adds another level to the gameplay, i thought it was gonna be a gimmick but feeling the ABS braking on the trigger really changed the game.


Zoo Tycoon - if you liked theme park then you'll love this


Battlefield 4, played 8 vs 8 game, it was really fluid, great graphics and a lot of fun, seemed a little more accessible/refined than BF3 from the small amount i played on it. 


Kinnect Sports/wave racer thing - good fun, better control than the standard kinnect games and i was pretty close to the console. I love kinnect games and this was really good fun, graphics were really good, good launch title.


Didn't play Ryse or Killer instinct as i couldn't be bothered to wait around, but i watched a couple for a bit and they both looked good. 


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