This Brilliant Gaming Controller Works Across Smartphones, PC, Ouya & More

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How would you like to have a controller that works with your Android smartphone, tablet, PC, Ouya, Kindle Fire, Chromebooks and more? Sounds like a dream, right? Not anymore. The awesome Drone controller does it all and more. After its? first failed attempt in 2012, the Evolution Controllers is back with a refreshed project to Kickstart this brilliant controller into production.



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seem not-so ergonomic compared to established game controllers

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seem not-so ergonomic compared to established game controllers


Yes, but it looks much easier to pocket than a standard ergonomic controller.

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Yeah, I wouldn't want to use it on the PC or Ouya. But as a portable controller... maybe.

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What is this, a controller for ants?

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      First unveiled last year, Back 4 Blood arrives as another cooperative play-focused first-person shooter akin to the studio's previous projects. As a refresher, the zombie shooter lets four players team up against hordes of "infected" that range from the regular walkers (or runners in this case) to special types with various abilities. Eight survivors fill up the human ranks. Each comes with unique abilities like recovering stamina with kills and faster ADS speeds, so players can find a character that fits their playstyle.

      The Warner Bros. published title is definitely a big grab for Xbox Game Pass. Considering it is a $60 game that optimally needs four players, going the subscription route with friends may sound like a very inviting option for Xbox players.

      Back 4 Blood is launching on October 12 across PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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      Back when Microsoft unveiled the Series X at The Game Awards in 2019, some said it looked like a fridge. The monolithic design in fact spawned several memes, and the company gave in, creating a real-life Series X fridge, which it sent to influencers.

      Some folks expressed their wish for a smaller, mini fridge form factor of the meme, to which Aaron Greenberg, Xbox's GM of Marketing, responded:

      Unsurprisingly, Xbox won the voting poll on Twitter and, true to the promise, to cap off today's Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, Microsoft unveiled a small surprise: the Xbox Mini Fridge.

      Powered by the latest in cooling architecture - not to be confused with the Velocity Architecture -, the little appliance mimics the design of its console counterpart, down to the green design of the cooling holes at the top.

      The Xbox Mini Fridge is launching holiday 2021 for an as of yet undisclosed price. This will probably come day one to Game Pass as well.

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      Age of Empires IV launches on October 28 across PC and Xbox Game Pass
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      After a 16-year break, Age of Empires is returning on October 28 with its fourth entry. The release date announcement arrived during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase today alongside a new trailer, seen above, revealing a little more gameplay from the highly anticipated real-time strategy game.

      Compared to the previous Age of Empires IV gameplay reveal, you can already see some improvements have been implemented in the latest trailer after feedback. For instance, the weapons and arrows have been scaled down to fit units better, plus the new army colors make them much easier to distinguish from each other.

      Developer Relic Entertainment had already unveiled the English, Chinese, Mongols, and Delhi Sultanate as launch civilizations previously, and now it has been revealed Abbasid Dynasty and the French will also be joining the fray. As for playstyles, the Abbasid Dynasty is focused on technology as well as dominating with their Camel Archers and Riders, while the French will be all about trading and late game supremacy with help from their special units the Royal Knights.

      There will be eight civilizations in total to experience when the game launches, so we still have two more reveals to go.

      Ahead of the October launch, Relic is opening a beta program. Anyone interested in jumping in can become an Age Insider by heading here.

      Pre-orders are now live across Steam and Microsoft Store. Xbox Game Pass subscribers are also getting the game on day one. A Digital Deluxe Edition is also available for pre-order now, which comes with bonus content like the original soundtrack, a handy chart with unit counters, a digital painting by Craig Mullens, and in-game cosmetic content.