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Question about Microsoft money/store

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Hey Everyone, 


 Well I just wondered if anyone knew about  Microsoft account money or  MS points maybe is what it is? ..  because I just won a Microsoft  contest  they have going on twitter right now, (you should all try entering , on twitter you send a tweet to @windows with a picture of your windows 8.1 start screen with #mystart )   well I got a direct message from @windows  saying I won! and enter this code at    so I did ,  my microsoft  account now says I have 10.00  USD .   Anyway , just wondering if anyone knows if I have to use this on  the windows 8 store?   Or can I use it on ?   I have read thru all  FAQ  on  Doesn't really say much...  I asked 3 different MS employees , one said I could use it  at MS store, but I have to add a credit card,  then a different one said I have to use it at a psychical MS store,  then another one said   go to  the start screen and go to the store on windows 8.      I don't paticurally use windows 8 Apps, and I don't have an xbox.  So anyone know ?  I am really confused with Microsoft , no one knows there... What I want to do is spend it at  



Thanks in advance for reading. I hope someone knows  Microsoft doesn't seem to , lol

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