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NumLock frustration in 8.1

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Ice_Blue    973

Since Windows 8, I have been signing into my PC using a PIN.

Ever since I installed 8.i RTM (clean install), the numlock key stays off after restarting.


In order to enter my PIN, I have to press numlock every time.


Now, this is a niggle rather than a problem, since I have to press a key anyway to get to the login screen, but I am wondering if this is by design in 8.1.


Is there some way to restore the old behaviour?



(The numlock setting is ON in the BIOS, but Windows turns it off when I restart.)

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Brandon H    1,451

this has been an issue with windows since before even XP


it's sporadic on whether the num lock will be on when you boot up or not (depending on the computer)


i think there may be a GPO that you can edit but i'm not 100% sure


edit: try this

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