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Woman Holds Operating Room Flash Mob Before Undergoing Surgery

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It isn't easy for someone to be optimistic in the face of cancer, but it seems as if Deborah Cohan is doing a fine job of it.

Cohan is an ob-gyn in the San Francisco area, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Treatment was to be a double mastectomy, a tough procedure to come to terms with. So to add some positive vibes to the operating room, Cohan came up with the idea of having a pre-operation flash mob -- and the results are nothing short of inspirational.

The mother of two is seen front and center with surely one of the bravest faces ever seen on someone about to undergo surgery. She and the team of surgeons dance to the song "Get Me Bodied," by Beyonc?.

On her CaringBridge page, Cohan explains her reasoning for creating the flash mob, as well as for wanting others to also dance and send her videos of it.

She wrote, "I have visions of a healing video montage. Nothing brings me greater joy than catalyzing others to dance, move, be in their bodies."

Commenters wrote in with words of admiration such as, "Way to go! How truly amazing to make a difficult moment one of joy!" Hopefully, Cohan recovers in a flash. :happy:


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