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IP.Board Show Only In First Post.


ho0kz    10

Hey guys + gals of Neowin.


What I'm trying to do is only show the postControls in the first post. So therefor I'm only wanting members to be able to quote, multi-quote, reply from the main post of the topic.


Here for instance I've taken an image of posts here at Neowin.


I'm only wanting the "Quote, Reply, Edit ) bit to show on the first post in the topic.




and so you understand me a little more I've inspect elemented the post and deleted the postControls from the second post so it only shows in the first.




Would love some help with this feature.

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ho0kz    10

problem solved.


used the following;

<if test="$post['post']['post_count']%$this->settings['display_max_posts'] == 1">
    First post
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